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4423 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
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Tagla Cafe

4423 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Nestled along bustling Rainier Avenue in the artistic Rainier Valley Community, the Tagla Cafe is a culinary adventure in authentic Ethiopian cuisine. If you're ready for large portions of incredible food in a clean, friendly setting, then join them for lunch or dinner and you'll be very happy you did. In a hurry? The Express menu features quick and tasty dishes that are ready in a flash for dine-in or carry-out.

The casual atmosphere is as inviting as the warm, earthy appeal of the tantalizing menu. The Tagla Caf offers genuine style along with dishes that will delight your taste buds with the unique and spicy flavors of Ethiopia. Use the traditional Injera bread to scoop up and devour every morsel of Dero-Wot, a spicy dish of chicken prepared in a delicious gravy, or enjoy yours with Shero-Wot, one of the unforgettable vegetarian versions. The light and filling Injera bread is a sour-dough flatbread traditionally made with Teff flour and is a staple in Ethiopian meals.

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A local favorite and a fast, on-the-go lunch option is the Injera sandwich. They use Injera bread to create a delectable sandwich with either meat and spices, or a meat-free version using a chickpea flour base with onion and tomato. Another one of the popular dishes is Sanbusa, the Samosa's cousin. They fry up these savory pastries to crisp perfection after loading them full of flavor and spice, which can quickly become a tasty addiction.

While you're enjoying your meal, make sure to sip on one of the refreshing beverages too. Dive into the exotic, crisp sweetness of Lychee or Guava juice; lose track of time with the soothing spice of Ethiopian tea, or tame the spicy dishes with a bottle imported or domestic beer, and let the good time roll. They also have a variety of other beverages, including soda, coffee and Perrier. Located in Columbia City of Seattle, they are open everyday of the week, and truly excited to show you what real Ethiopian cuisine is all about. Visit Tagla Caf and let them make your next meal an amazing and tasty adventure.

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